Gigapixel AI v4.5.0

Download: Windows, Mac
Released April 9, 2020.

Major features

  • Update whole user interface to match DeNoise / Sharpen batch workflow
  • Add ability to specify different processing settings per item in the batch


  • New installer framework (can keep old one installed)
  • Add ability to auto-append enlargement mode to filename
  • Redesigned Preferences panel
  • Redesigned Save As and Batch Processing panel

Known issues

  • Windows: drag and drop doesn’t work upon first launch from installer. Restart it and drag and drop will work.

Thanks Eric! Gigapixel is one of my favorite imaging technologies ever! My blog post about the update:


I have a question. Should I use Google pixel before I use JPEG to RAW

I hate auto correct!!! I meant GigaPixel :blush:


Fix your broken update installer !


Follow up:
got an email reply from Eric Lowery.
There was a typo in the link. Check back in a few minutes.
Cudos to Topaz Labs for jumping on this within a few minutes!

Anybody else who had problems with the update, try again. Should be fixed.

Thanks, Eric !

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I’ve searched the Topaz website and can’t find the ‘offline installer’ for v4.5. Instead, I had to use the ‘online installer’ - which requires the downloading of a Gig or so of actual installation files - which is needlessly problematic for future installations caused by HDD crash, virus, etc.

You guys seem to be a bit too obsessed with making your customers jump through hoops just so they can conveniently use the software for which they paid.


Hi Eric, There is a small glitch with the interface for Batch Processing. If I do as follows I then need to press Start Batch Processing twice, probably because the preview of the first is still visable:

  • Open an image and then set the parameters etc.
  • Open a second or third etc., set the parameters, and then select Start Batch Processing
  • Press Start on the output panel and it simply returns to the main screen with the preview no longer visible and no processing underway.

After returning I press Start Batch Processing again, the parameters panel shows, and I must press Start to start the process.

Some feedback on v4.5.0

Unfortunately I can no longer drag and drop photos into GP from XnView (or Explorer), while I can in v4.4.5.

Processing seems to take about twice the time as v4.4.5, (Settings; 2x Size, High Quality Jpeg Output). v4.5.0 took as much time per photo to complete the first part (I assume resizing) as v4.4.5 does to resize, compress to HQ Jpeg and save the photo.

I don’t see an option to disable preview.

Thanks for reading.

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Firstly delete your email from the name field in your profile settings as this is a public website. Click on your icon yo open.

Then open GigaPixel AI, go to Help-> Graphics info then press Copy and paste the info here.

Drag files of windows explorer to Gigapixel not working in version 4.5

Please fix :slight_smile:


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For Windows 10 there is no problem as I am not sure what you mean, dragging onto the open app with JPG, TIF, PNG …

Then with ARW, NEF, DNG, CR2 …

Then dragging multiple files onto the icon:

I am on Windows 10. When I try to drag and drop any image file, my mouse cursor turns into a “not allowed” symbol :no_entry_sign: when I hover over Gigapixel. When I then let go no files are added to Gigapixel. Drag-and-drop works in all other applications

edit: Also when I try to save the image as a tiff in the sRGB colorspace, the output image is in Adobe98??

Yes, I also found it strange, I was only able to add files through the open button.

This happened the first time I opened the new version. After an hour of work I decided to close and now I open it again and I can normally drag the files from the explorer to the gigapixel.

Anyway resolved … stranger things kkkk

Hi Eric,

congrats for the updated release.
Unfortunately I am facing an issue that is getting nerving to me. I face download isues and would need the full installer of the software. For Sharpen and DeNoise one could find this relevant link in the Download Center. WOuld be a great relief, if you could make the full installer available there in general, as I prefer doing the installation locally.
Thanks for your reply and stay in good health these days.

Best from Germany

Same problem.

Why can’t I hide the preview? I have hundreds of images, it is very inconvenient to work with the new version.

Hi Eric

Last night the Windows download link was ‘active’…just did not have time to do it on my modest ADSL connection.

But now, the link is dead and it seems the file is no longer there to download. Therefore it would be great to know what is happening and when it will be ready again??? Or is v4.5.1 in the pipeline :wink: Though oddly the Mac .dmg file is still available!

For animated images, the new version 4.5.0 caused my image color to be very abnormal. In version 4.4.5, it works very well

Go to the download page on the website and download from there.