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Why haven’t I received a reply to my support request regarding the most recent update of Gigapixel. It’s been more then 10 business days since I raised a ticket. I’ve even messaged through Twitter and Instagram in hopes someone at Topaz Labs would take notice. As a paying customer I expect better.

Can you state what your issue is as this is a user to user forum.

Hi Don: Thanks for responding. When I last opened Gigapixel AI, I received notification of a new update and as per usual since Dec 2018 I clicked on the update. However, Gigapixel AI did not re-launch. I tried various way, going to the folder, attempted to launch the exe file but it wouldn’t start. Restarted my PC - nothing. I reinstalled the software but again nothing happened. As a result I submitted the support ticket which has yet to be answered.

I found a link through searching about issues which allowed me to download a version 3.1.1. At this point I don’t know what to do. I have no idea why the new update did not start.

I don’t know how long since you have downloaded a copy but v4.4.1, released on September 12, is out and can be downloaded from this link, try that and see if it installs:

I remember there was an issue with hardware configuration where there wasn’t a Intel GPU on the PC but only a NVIDIA or AMD with a Intel CPU.

If that doesn’t work can you go to the search box on Windows, type dxdiag, run the command then click Save all Information. Save to a file, it will be text by default, and attach it to your next reply in this thread please.

David_for_GigaPixDxDiag.txt (71.5 KB)

Hi - The date of update was Sept 4 2019. I submitted a ticket on Sept 5 2019.


You should update the ticket with this dxdiag report as it shows a I5/AMD5700 combination that may be an issue.

Thank you for the information. I have updated my ticket which still has yet to be answered by support.

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Hi Don;

On my behalf are you able to contact Tech Support to respond to the ticket as I’ve yet to receive any type of reply.

Thank you.

Please go to the main topaz labs website and download the latest installer, run that and it will delete your current installed version before installing 4.4.2 after that start the application, select File-> Preferences, click on Advanced Preferences and choose the following settings:


Make sure Discrete GPU is selected and OpenVINO not selected.

Success!! Thank you Don for your support and assistance. I was able to reload Gigapixel AI and have noted the preference requirements.

Best Regards!!

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