Gigapixel AI "Pro"?

Is offline activation the only feature coming to “Pro”? Seems unlikely.

Does anyone have any thoughts as to what you might expect to see in Gigapixel AI Pro? Previously I might have said “CMYK support”, but that has now been introduced into the standard version.

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Hi Alan,
There is definitely other Pro features we are looking to consider in Gigapixel .

Offline activation is something our team is working on right now.

We also expect to see some potential support for CLI, more personalized and direct support aid, etc.

Would you be interested in a Pro version of Gigapixel? We can set up a direct call with our Product Manager to help answer more questions.

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I won’t be looking to move to a pro version of GP. The current version covers my needs.


noted! if you do know someone who would benefit from Pro please have them reach out =)

It’s a new part of Gigapixel that we are looking to grow and explore.

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