GigaPixel AI Photoshop-Plugin not detects maximum Scaling-Factor

Hi :slight_smile:
There is a annoying Bug in the GigaPixel Photoshop-Plugin:

I use GigaPixel directly in Photoshop (as Plugin) and try to upscale an already big Picture. If I set for example to 6x and the Output Pixel-Dimensions exceed a certain Limit, then the resulting Picture is only Bicubic-resized but not AI-upscaled…

If I open the same Picture in the Standalone-Version of GigaPixel, then its automatically use the maximum Scaling-Factor and the Upscaling works like expected!

So the Problem is:
The Plugin not detects the maximum possible Scaling-Factor!
Could you please fix this annoying Bug?

Topaz GigaPixel AI, [v6.3.3] on Mac