Gigapixel AI for 3D/2D Composites - Puppy, Bagel, Butterfly

I created a composite using a 2D stock photo of a puppy, then added in a 3D model of a bagel with cream cheese and a 3D model of a butterfly in Adobe Dimension. Rendered that to a .psd. Then used Gigapixel AI w/in Ps 2021’s Automate function to upscale the composite 4x.

It seems to have worked out okay. GAI did a nice job on the 4x upscale using compressed mode. Considering several of the elements in the composite started out in other formats (.obj, .dn, .psd, .jpg) they don’t seem to have caused any hiccups in terms of how GAI was able to work with the whole created from the piece parts.

Snip of GAI upscaled 2D/3D composite attached:

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