Gigapixel AI face refinement

I’ve been playing with the latest v4.3.1 of Gigapixel AI and the new face refinement feature. It looks promising for very low res images or people on the background/ wide shots on higher res images.
As I’ve seen it covers faces from 16x16 to 64X64 pixels on the original files. But I think it should be extended up to 128X128 pixels or at least 96X96 because some faces around 100x100 still look bad after upscaling.

By the way it’s amazing after one year how Gigapixel AI becomes better and better at the point I’m still on the verge to re-process images I’ve already upscaled months ago , a never ending work :sweat_smile:

Odd, my AIG version is 4.2.2 and there are no updates to 4.3.1 (as of 8/19/2019)

I Think v 4.3.1 has been removed from the release channel because it has a bug already seen in a previous release that crashes the app after 507 files processed during a large batch . Hope for a fix soon.