Desktop / iPad Workflow -> Auto process new files in folder?

I like to do a lot of my image processing on an iPad Pro. I use Affinity Photo and FaceApp etc. Now that I have found, I want to use it a lot more, but that means processing on my desktop Mac. I use Dropbox to transfer the files back and forth.

I guess one approach would be for Topaz labs to introduce a cloud-based for tablets, but have you considered adding some automation to the desktop app?

What I’m thinking is that the application could be set to watch a directory for new files and process any image files in that directory using the current settings and then save the result in another directory. That way I could leave running on my Mac when I’m working on photos and just copy the image to Dropbox and the result back without having to actually physically go to the desktop (it’s often in another room). I think a function like this could help other workflows too.

Maybe it’s already possible with AppleScript etc (automator?), but that’s kind of challenging to set up initally.

I guess a cloud-based iPad app would solve the problem too, but then someone would have to pay for the cloud processing (there are many apps like that on the web, but my impression so far is that is better).

Hi there tiger. I reached out to topaz a while ago asking for the same thing. The only difference is that I asked if they can make the app run on apples new m1 MacBooks since they have npus. They responded with

“iPads and iPhones or other similar devises are not currently equipped to run our software. Even though the processor might be better, the other specifications are not compatible.”

Now the new iPad running the m1 processor has come out. Im starting to wonder if they are simply in development for their new cloud ai platform to generate income while putting asside a clearly huge boost in income from Mac users and the iPad platform.