Gigapixel AI Crop button not visible when Gigapixel is launched from Photoshop->File->Automate->Topaz Gigapixel AI

I’m running the latest release of Gigapixel AI (6.3.3) on an updated Windows 10 desktop.

If I launch the app directly from windows the crop button appears under the small version of the whole image in the upper right corner.

However, if I launch Gigapixel AI from within Photoshop CC 2023 via the File->Automate->Topaz Gigapixel AI method, THERE IS NO CROP button!

I can provide screenshots if needed.

Is this intentional? From a workflow standpoint, I’m trying to use a Linear Profile in Camera Raw inside Photoshop BEFORE I run Gigapixel and upsize an image. I then want to do adjustments inside Photoshop, including launching Photo AI or possibly Denoise/Sharpen separately. Cropping inside Gigapixel will let me keep files small.

Please provide guidance!