Gigapixel AI 5.6 and blurry images

I used a lot of Topaz products before the ‘new’ system of paying more $$ each year.
Just yesterday I bought and installed the latest Gigapixel AI 5.6.
Then ran an old image through it, and compared the output image with the same photo I had put through Gigapixel 4.4.
Sadly the old version was much better.
By zooming in to far away objects in both versions it was easy to see that the old version produced a cleaner image.
I have already uninstalled the new 5.6 and gone back to my old version (plus asked Topaz for a refund).
Next time I will use the free trial first before committing to a purchase.
Sadly, I was sucked in again by all the Topaz talk about quicker/better/etc so I paid my money (sigh).
It is slightly quicker on my machine, but that is no use if the output image is worse.
And…before anyone asks…I have a newish Win 10 computer (64bit), i7 9600F, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA Geforce 2600 Super graphics card.
It’s not a hardware issue.
I can run an image through my old version still and get a cleaner image than the new 5.6 image offers.
Anyone else compared output files with early and late versions?


I guess you mean a RTX, NVIDIA have problems with the Studio driver so in the meantime you will need to use the last known working Studio driver which was 462.xx

I use a GTX 1050 and the output is better than the last versions.

Yes, sorry…you are right.
It’s the RTX 2060 Super.
Current driver is the latest 471.68.
I generally bung in the Game Ready driver (just the driver, none of the added on bits).
I will try an older driver just to check this out.

Sadly…no…that didn’t help.
Compared with old 462.31 driver and latest driver 471.68.
Still the same, but it was worth trying.
I’ll stay with asking for a refund.
But…I’m sure that one day Topaz will get it right.
Next time I’ll go for the free trial first.


Yes, I agree with you some images are better in the old version, however in some images the newer version is better. It really depends on the image.

Also, some people may prefer sharper image, but some may prefer more natural look. It is very subjective.

I recommend you can post the comparison images here, and let developers know about it, so they can improve the AI model in future release.

Also if you prefer sharper look, you may use the “Low Resolution” model, it usually produce sharper image. It called “Low Resolution” model, but I found that sometime it work well with slightly blur higher resolution image as well.

Yes i have the same problem.

I switched back to older versions.

I have this problem too and switched to older versions.

I have sent Topaz the original file, plus the old/new version outputs.
It was a landscape image and when I zoomed in to the original file it started to ‘go soft’, and loose detail.
With old version GigaAI I was able to actually zoom in a long way and what looked like a wee dark ‘spot’ up on a far away hill top resolved into a red roofed fire lookout hut.
With new GigaAI that hut stayed as a wee dark spot (no definition…just a few blurry pixels).
The old version improved all of the photo. Even the grass covered hills looked sharp and natural.
I will try GigaAI again one day when it’s sorted better…but for now I’m staying with the old version.
Edit: Topaz have already made the refund…so I’m a happy customer there.