Gigapixel AI 4.4.0 sometimes produces horizontal bands

Gigapixel AI 4.4.0 seems to produce horizontal banding artifacts in areas with relatively uniform color and low frequency detail when using CPU, Max AI models and “Keep Color Profile” set to “Yes”. When I keep all these settings and only change “Keep Color Profile” to “No” and chose sRGB, Gigapixel AI doesn’t produce the banding artifacts.

Please see the example attached below (contrast boosted for clarity).

Hi, I’m not sure as I see the bands in both images on the left and right. I am assuming that the screenshots are of the results. Please raise a support request at the main Topaz Labs website and supply the input file, the settings used and the information Copied from Help-> Graphics info.

I can see some small streaks on the left image but they would be nearly invisible in a full image, especially with normal contrast. I would use an arrow to point to the lines when contacting Topaz support.