Gigapixel AI 4.4.0 — can't choose Source Folder for output

I’m not sure this is a bug or an unwanted feature change. There used to be an option to save the output back to the Source Folder, also shown in the v4.0 video on the Topaz site. But now there is no menu for choosing that, and I need to Browse to the Source Folder every time since the last output location is sticky. I use Lightroom and want to keep my source images where I put them and then bring in the Gigapixel product into the catalog. I’m on a Mac if that is relevant.35%20AM

Just select the source folder and it will change:


Thereafter it will use the source folder as output.

Thanks for your answer, but it just reiterates what is in the video and in the Product Tour within the program. I do not have any menu anymore for selecting [Source Folder]. I only have the Browse button. In my screenshot above, I have navigated to the source folder. It is not being recognized as the source folder. Since my source folder varies from image to image, I’m really missing that feature. Mac running 4.4.0 and Mac OS 10.14.4

So I’ve found that sometimes it works as you described. Once I get [Source Folder] showing as the output location, I can just leave it alone. But I kept trying to create my original issue, and it’s illustrated below (small file at 0.5x scale just for testing). I browse to the source folder, but it isn’t recognized as the [Source Folder]. It occurred when dragging a file onto the Open Image in the Product Tour, which admittedly isn’t going to be the usual way I open a file once I kill display of the tour. If I encounter it with browsing to open or with drag and drop to the main Open File box, I’ll post again. You may need to fuss with the graphic to display the right sidebar.

It will not recognize a unallocated external disk as [source folder] allocate a static ID first.

This is a Mac. That is a normal path name and the name of the volume is My Passport 4TB, assigned when I reformatted the drive for the Mac. There is nothing unallocated about it. The times when when the source folder was recognized were also with files on this external drive (which is where all of my image files are stored).

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