Gigapixel AI 4.1.0 Locking Source Files

I noticed a behavior which was not in previous versions on Windows. After processing a file, GAI locks the source file so nothing can be done with it, not even delete it. This is true even if one clears it within GAI. The only way to free the locked source file is to exit GAI.

This presents a problem for my workflow which is to process a file, then compare the old and new in photo viewing software, and then delete source if I’m satisfied. Now I have to process the file, exit GAI, delete the source, restart GAI and then process the next one. This is not a common behavior of any other photo processing software I’ve used. I’d appreciate a fix!

Please raise a support request at the main web site.

This doesn’t even sound normal as there would be no reason to lock the file, so before doing that try these 2 things:

  • First try running as administrator, i.e. right-click on the icon and choose Run as administrator, or
  • Type %temp% on the file explorer search field and then delete the folder starting with “boost_interprocess_”

Thanks Don! Before I saw your post I submitted a ticket to Topaz. After giving them info about my PC and error, they said they would look into it. The support guy did mention that this is a common problem on Windows PCs, although I had never had it happen to me with photo processing software (including other Topaz standalone products).

I tried your suggestions, but no luck.

Thanks for trying!

robert-23946. I can confirm that. After processing an image in Gigapixel AI, and with Gigapixel still open, and trying to rename the source file I get:-


Same problem is also verified in the latest updates to Sharpen AI and Denoise AI.

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