Gigapixel AI 4.0.1 TIFs still save with oversaturated thumbnails


I’ve noticed that TIFs still save with oversaturated thumbnails in File Explorer. Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed with version 4.0.1? Please check the screenshot below. Left one is the original image and the right one is the upscaled one saved as TIF.

Just a thought (as I have yet to even update to v4) but looking at the small screensized images, could v4 being adding some Unsharp Mask (USM) 'sharpening with LCE (Local Contrast Enhancement) settings.

I have used that frequently in the past in Photoshop where the you use Amount at 20% and Radius at 40pixels (basically the Radius needs to be 2x the Amount figure ~so choice of numbers can be anything as low as 10/20 to as high (as high as I ever used it?) 30/60.

The effect of this LCE usage is to increase contrast and apparent/actual saturation & sharpening such that haze also is reduced.

As I say just a thought but heh, what Topaz ‘put under the hood’ as far as the ‘processes’ goes is anyones guess!

LCE (20%, 30 pixels, 0 threshold) is my favorite method of sharpening because it avoids creating halos most of the time. The improved contrast does tend to make the image appear brighter as you mentioned.

I’ve noticed some pretty significant halos in Gigapixel AI with their higher settings so I don’t think that’s their sharpening method.

Could you get us a sample image and the settings you used to get the halos?

I’m currently working on the saving of TIFF files. Could you do met two favors? Please try saving the same image as a JPG. Also, could you upload the original image to help me troubleshoot the issue. Thanks for your patience.