Gigapixel 7 processing speed decrease

After updating I was really disappointed. 7.0 is sooo slow, Preview is not updating, I still can not input wether sizes nore scale factor (like 1.5 x). just press buttons “1x” or “2x”

Version 6 was OK and really fast…

You probably need to do a clean install, since my guess is you installed in-app.
I have an M1 Mac mini with only 16GB Ram and it is working absolutely fine: speed a tad faster than 6.3.3 and no issues with size or scale.

It works horrible on M1 64 gigs… have Macbook Pro… everything is like 10-15x slower as 6.x… that’s fact.
I was testing it on 2 different Macs… same result.

So reverted to 6.x and now that is speed.

Sorry but version 7.x is a mess. It seems to me like it was done by another company compared to version 6.x

Works absolutely fine on my M1 Mac Studio

Can you double-check your AI Processor setting? File > Preferences > Processing

You should not be seeing these types of processing speeds.