Gigapixel 7 performance problem, not possible to work with


Since the upgrade to Gigapixel 7, the software is running extremely sluggish on my Macbook Pro with M1 Pro processor. It is impossible to work with.

The activity monitor shows 98% CPU used by Gigapixel 7, when there isn’t even a photo is opened.

Same issue throughout versions 7.0.0, 7.0.1, and still with 7.0.2.

I have waited to report the issue, hoping you would notice and repair it. However, it doesn’t get better at all.

Any response from the developers or support team is highly appreciated.


What is wrong with you guys???
You are ruining your reputation by ignoring all of the complaints about the “New” Gigapixel.


Please wake up and at least respond!!!

Your silence is pure abandonment of your clients.


We all are paying a yearly fee for 4 software modules. The photo Ai gets regularly maintained. The two, namely Sharpen AI and Denoise AI weren’t maintained at all, and Gigapixel AI isn’t working anymore.

I would have gotten more from these software if I hadn’t paid anything and kept the old versions. Doesn’t that sound odd to anyone?