Gigapixel 7 has no ability to retaing the .dng format (Raw files)


I just downloaded the upgrade and installed Gigaixel 7.

In the earlier version it used to retain the input format (Dng) after using Denoise. This new version only seems to write to Tiff, Png or jpeg. I used to be able to put my images through denoise and gigapixel before working on them as raw files in Photoshop. I liked that because it gave me Raw masking and other benefits.

Am I missing something or does the new Gigapixel NOT maintain Raw files throughout?

If not is there any way to get the old version back (and the $59 I spent to upgrade)?


Tom Bessette


This is how we intend the application to function. Please see the screenshot of the message in the app below.


We actually got rid of DNG exports to help with DNG input file handling. We still support DNG files as an input file, but we no longer allow for DNG exports.

You can download previous Gigapixel versions from here. Gigapixel v6.3.3 definitely has the ability to export as DNG.

If you’d like a refund, please reach out to Support ( because we track the refunds.

So the issue is that denoise takes my raw files from my camera and converts them to dng. Then I bring those dng files into gigapixel. I’ll have to change my workforce. Pain in the neck!