Gigapixel 7 Crashing

Sometimes Gigapixel crashing after trying to drop a Picture from Browser.

Does it crash when you’re using it as a standalone or a plug-in?

Also, please make sure your system meets the new requirements necessary to run Gigapixel 7.

I have the same issue. The prior (6.X) version never had a problem. It generally crashes for me when zooming in and out and selecting options (before running the upscale). I have not had a crash yet while actually upscaling/saving the files. It works, but it crashes now every time within a minute or so.

GPU: RTX 3080ti, CPU: AMD R7 3800X, 32GB RAM

Thank you

Ich Auch!, Gigapixel 7 runs on my iMac, although it maxed out my Radeon RX 580 eGPU. But Gigapixel 7 won’t even try to start on my PC (AMD CPU, Nvidia 3090, 64GB RAM). Other heavy hitters work fine on the PC. The couple of results I got on the Mac had fantastic quality—before Gigapixel made the eGPU go crazy. Had to disconnect the eGPU and let it cool for a few minutes before I could use it again. (I was running the PC on a second monitor connected to the eGPU using Microsoft Remote. Sweet system.) From the other comments, I guess I’ll have to avoid Gigapixel 7 until techs have the bugs fixed.

It’s crashing for me every time I try and save an upgraded photo. I checked and unfortunately, even though I have a fairly new Macbook, it doesn’t have quite the required Memory. Is there any chance this will be lowered? Feels :frowning: that I won’t be able to use a product I paid for.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to reduce the minimum system RAM required for Gigapixel version 7. Please reach out to our support team for next steps.

Would you mind forwarding me your system profile so I can investigate any potential hardware conflicts?

My crash was using it standalone, trying to import it into Gigapixel from an external hard drive.

Would you share you system profile with me privately so I can investigate any hardware complications that could be causing the crash?

Also, can you tell me more about the image that caused the crash? Or does the crash occur with various image sizes and types?