Gigapixel 7..2.1

My Gigapixel 7.2.1 does not work. The picture is like this.
What has happend?

Matti Anttila

Well that is certainly not what we want to see.

Does this occur with any image you input into Gigapixel?

Sorry, my english is a bit limited, but I try to explain.

This does not occure if I the photo is taken using jpeg format.

It occures if the photo is taken using RAW format.

My camera is Nikon 500. Nikon’s RAW format is called NEF.

Matti Anttila

Would you please share the image with me so I may test this conflict locally?

You can securely submit one or two images to our Dropbox. Please let me know if you send something.

Hei and greettings from Finland!

I have shared 3 photos for you.

I hope that the problem will be solved with the help of them.

Matti Anttila

I was able to successfully import both images with Gigapixel version 7.2.1.

Are you on a Mac or Windows machine?

Would you mind sending me your full system profile so I may check for any hardware complications causing this conflict?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

I don’t know, what has happend but Gigapixel is working succesfully now.
I’m on the Windows machine.

Reeting MA

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Well that’s great news!

If something comes up, feel free to reach out again and we will investigate further.