Gigapixel 7.2.1


We’re excited to release an updated version of Gigapixel which further improves our color accuracy across the board, as well as fixes for various issues on a few important input and output file formats.

We are continuing to make Gigapixel better every day behind the scenes.

Please share your amazing upscaling results in the thread below, and let us know if you have any ideas on how to improve the application.

Comment below to share any feedback or report any issues you encounter with this release. We’ll be updating Gigapixel regularly to address your feedback and any issue reports.

Released June 19th, 2024
Mac: Download
Windows: Download

Full changelog for version 7.2.1:

  • Updated window management system
  • Various colorspace related fixes:
    • Added support for grayscale profiles
    • Fixed some types of grayscale inputs not loading
    • Fixed some CMYK images not loading
    • Fixed PNGs being restricted to just sRGB outputs
  • Fixed bit depth not being preserved in plugin mode
  • Fixed bit depth not being preserved on TIFF output
  • Fixed recovery preview mode being activated incorrectly
  • Fixed recovery ETA being 0 in Photoshop plugin
  • Fixed face ghosting when reloading overwritten image
  • Fixed cropped dimensions having decimals
  • Fixed face recovery saying there are 0 faces incorrectly
  • Fixed some cases where Esc/Enter hotkeys weren’t working

Crop tool, Custom:

Cannot drag top of crop area to resize, only bottom. Moving the image under the crop preview does not fix this.

Another example of the stuck crop feature on a rotated image:


After dragging the corner handles, freeform Custom worked. So it’s the side handles that are not working.

NOTE: This error did not occur on a non-rotated image:

Also, it would be useful to have “Rotate Left 90 degrees” (etc.) rather than having to do it totally on manual.

This is a case where a basic Levels slider would be useful; Gamma does nothing.

After quickie auto correction of the screenshot in Apple Preview:

Some quick 6X upscales on Autopilot from a CR2 image this time (not one of my super lo-res oldies). Again, Levels adjustment is needed:

Now back to the 22-year-old JPEG radical enhancement…

Uncropped 1MP KODAK DC265 image, Gigapixel on Autopilot:

Cropped the image for Recovery, maybe too small to get the preview block? I had to click “Run Recovery” – which is confusing, what is the semantic difference between Run and Export? Run should say “Preview”.

Scan of 1990s 35mm negative:

Original, reduced:

GP, Low-res model, Autopilot:

Recovery preview:

Recovery final:


re: PNG - Yay, team Topaz!

Feature Request: have default scaling dimension option for “longest side” in addition to width and height (to avoid having to separate portrait and landscape images into different batches).


Hey Paul!
Great feedback on Feature request!

This would be great to add to our Ideas thread!

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Some great images you’ve shared!

As far as the custom crop, I wasn’t able to reproduce dragging the top of the crop area.

Thank you for letting us know about this one. I’ll keep continuing to look into this one.

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I just did another quick test, this time rotating an already horizontal photo to (sideways) vertical.

The top and bottom handles do not work, except to make the entire crop area bigger or smaller until it hits the sides (as if it’s trapped in Ratio mode).

hmm this is odd.

Do you think we can troubleshoot this one through a Support ticket?

Please submit a ticket with our Support team and I can communicate with you more directly to help troubleshoot your conflict.

I’m wondering if maybe the in-app update did not install properly?

If there are multiple users with the same issue, we definitely need to investiage.

I did do the lazy in-app update (which I had stopped doing until it began working better). This report was from my 2023 M2 Mac Mini/Ventura).

Right now I am trying on another computer (2017 Intel iMac, Ventura) with the lazy update-in-place, same issue.

Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 10.29.40 AM

Next I’ll try a complete reinstall.

Reinstall, same issue.

I’d also like to request more obvious snapping at the 0/45/90/180 rotations (the angles reported by GP are entirely different as well, I believe this was discussed elsewhere).

Thanks for the update!

I’m going to share your custom crop issues to our team and hopefully get more insight on this.

Our whole crop tool needs some love which we’re in the midst of looking at - snapping to more common rotations seems totally sensible!


These problems in custom cropping have been present in several previous versions, too. Makes custom cropping a little annoying to use.

If I upgrade to this 2024 Gigapixel, do I lose access to the other version from couple years ago? I heard it replaces it during installation?

I’d prefer to keep both, similar to Enhanced AI and Video AI.

Thank you.

Overall it works well, but two bugs are affecting the processing I am attempting…

  1. As others have reported, in various ways, Crop gets stuck in size or position.

  2. Recovery mode still does not work with Crop. This should not be difficult – save the cropped image as a temp file and recover it. One of the best possible uses of this mode is to crop something out of larger image and improve the resulting low-res piece of the image. It can do the Recover previews on a part of the image, so it should be possible.


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Yes, you can only have one release version of GP installed, and to avoid problems, uninstall the old version first before installing the new version.

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Exactly as you write. I crop the needed photo part using Irfan View, save it and then apply Topaz Recovery AI.

Recovery mode does not show the cropped area correctly, but it does apply the changes to the cropped area and saves the selected part of the image.

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Thank you for confirming. I’ll hold off upgrading until at least Christmas time then, gives plenty of time to fix bugs and improve features such as recovery mode. My secondary computer is too slow for Topaz.

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any suggestions for how you’d want to see crop improved. i know we got a laundry list but never hurts to hear if there’s something specific you’re looking for.

thanks for the feedback samb15!

Those exact points are on our radar for sure!

I would prefer that the custom crop would work as it does in PhotoAI. A user should be able to move each border separately, as well as the corners. At present moving a corner collapses the whole cropping area.

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Problem still unresolved.
Still have to go through command prompt installation.
For your information, my CPU is still an Intel Core I9 9900K.