Gigapixel 7.2.0: faces not detected; bad colour "scratch" artifacts with Recovery-Speed mode

Hi. I’m enjoying exploring what the new Gigapixel 7.2.0 can do for me and I’m very impressed by the results of the new “Recovery-Quality” mode, even on my rather feeble Win10 system (Intel Core i7-9700, Intel UHD 630 graphics, 32Gb RAM). Obviously the Recovery-Quality mode takes forever on my current system (can’t afford to upgrade just yet) but it did eventually succeed (attached example took about 3 hours), whereas I have found that the “Recovery-Speed” mode generates some very strange artifacts which look like large, horizontal, colour “scratch” marks spread across the processed image. This happens with other photos too. But it only happens when rendering the whole image in Recovery-Speed mode; the small previews work just fine. Also: Gigapixel 7.2.0 Face Recovery completely fails to detect the faces in the attached image, but perhaps they’re just too low quality?

Source image (converted from TIF for upload here):

Gigapixel 7.2.0 Recovery-Speed rendered output image:

Gigapixel 7.2.0 Recovery-Quality rendered output image:

Thank you for reaching out.

Would you mind sending a support ticket into our Topaz Labs Support team as I feel this will be best served with a deep dive into the cause of the conflict.

As I’m sure you are aware, when our model is in Beta, from time to time unexpected results can appear.