Gigapixel 7.1 performs better than 6.3 but new GUI is not as good

I welcome improvements to the underlying engine… in such things as speed and also coping with larger inputted files… and also better images. But I really do hate following the horrible Microsoft pattern of making cosmetic changes to the user interface just to make software look new. By all means loudly trumpet the improvements, but don’t change the UI except where absolutely necessary.

I find Gigapixel very useful in improving photos, , but the new version makes the mistake of trying to look new with cosmetic changes to the GUI. The old GUI was excellent and better than the new one.

The old GUI allows comparison between up to 4 options while this version only lets you compare one at a time. Please revert

The old GUI let you easily delete all previous work… this does not… please revert.

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I find the most recent version (7.1) to be INCREDIBLY slow at enhancing and even slower at saving files. I save in the High Fidelity v2 AI model, and it can EASILY take over 1/2 hour just to save a file. I also HATE that this new version does not save in 0.5 gigapixel as the previous version did. I am getting ready to simply stop using Gigapixel AT ALL. I need to “shrink” the size of my files for posting on social media, and it is not NEARLY as efficient as the older version in doing so. I’m not a huge fan of PhotoAI, but it looks like I’ll have to go that route to shrink the size of my files for social media. Perhaps that’s what Topaz Labs has in mind?

I completely understand.

We are looking into bringing the comparison view back to the application in the future.