Gigapixel 6.3.3 plugin force color space conversion to sRGB

If you use Gigapixel as PS plugin, when you save the upscaling as a layer on PS, Gigapixel is forcing the conversion of the origin color space to sRGB.
This ruined almost 2 months of preparation work for an exhibit I’m working on, and you can’t even imagine how frustrated I feel.

I read on the forum that this bug was discovered at least on version 4.x, so I really don’t understand why it was not fixed.

Using PhotoAI is not a solution, first because there is no plug-in for upscaling, and then because even the standalone app is bugged in the usocale on the current version (1.5.3, bug reported in the appropriate section)

Raise a support request at the main website. Make sure your working colorspace in PS is not sRGB but the colorspace of the document.

Hi Don,
Thanks, but I’m quite confident about the color management workflow, so 101% sure it’s like that.
I sent a support request and unfortunately they told me that there is no more expected update of Gigapixel, even if this is a major bug in my opinion. :pensive: