Gigapixel 5.5.1 - all images preview/output in black

i update the program. 5.4.5 seems to work alright even that it gives me some issues (in random moments it closes on itself) now after upgrade not only the program crashes if it needs to download models on GPU mode, on CPU mode all the images (as well as GPU mode) are output in black. here is an example. nobody seems to be able to help me on this one. i dont wanna be downgrading each time a new update comes out if this does not work for me.

What is the size of the input image and what is the size of the output?

it can range from 1x1 = 4x4 to 512x512 = 2048x2048 or even regular images. another example with a regular image:
32x32 to 128x128 =

compressed my latest logs processing this batch of texture dumps from sonic adventure 2 from dolphin emulator (gamecube) never had this problem with 5.4.5 and previous versions.
this compressed file has: original textures - logs - processed and damaged 90% of the textures.
the new version only works on CPU mode and takes about 5 real time minutes converting 64x64 to 256x256 (anything smaller than 64x64 even if the output is bigger than 64x64 will come black. the AI refuses to process it. )

I’m having this problem in 5.5.2 any solutions/work around?

Go to Help, Graphics info and press Copy then paste the info here.

it was replied to me that gigapixel AI 5.5.0 and beyond up to today does not support textures smaller than 256x256 pixels. so if that is the case you need to unistall then install 5.4.5 witch does support textures 1x1 and up.