Gigapixel 4 trial just downloaded, but login says "trial expired"

Hi folks…

Got the email today to download a trial of Gigapixel 4.0. After installation and opening the program…the title bar in the program says “30 days left in trial”, but when I log in (which looks mandatory?), and go thru the authentication process, the programs says “trail expired”.

So two things…

  1. I just downloaded today…why does the login process say expired?

  2. Why does the title bar of the program say 30 days remaining, while the login process says the opposite?



Windows 10

If you have previously had a trial you won’t get a second unless you raise a request and it is approved.


Thanks. But I never had a trial of Gigapixel 4.

Or do you mean a trial of any Topaz product ever?


No, no … I mean a trial of GigaPixel AI … @ATharp could you check directly with Bill thanks.

@Bill I will pm you.

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Whatever you did worked… I am up and running.

Thanks so much.

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