Gigapixel 4.5 Update

I just installed the new 4.5 version of Gigapixel on my iMac. It started up just fine when the install finished, but it is nowhere to be seen anywhere in the Applications folder.

If I do a “Find”, it shows up as being in the Topaz Labs LLC folder, but if I just open that folder in the Finder there is no folder inside for Gigapixel. The older version is still in its own folder in the Applications folder.

Why doesn’t it show up by means other than using the Find command? Makes it kind of a pain to start up.

Using MacOS 10.13.6.

I have the same problem! and it is the same with the other Topaz updates.
For some reason Topaz Installers now install the applications deep inside /users/someuser/ and not in the normal Applications folder. This is highly unsual for Apple developers to do so.
It also means that if, for example I log in as a different user (Administrator or other) I have no access to the application!

Why did Topaz change this??

I did find a solution.

Use the Find command in the Finder menu and search for applications containing the name Gigapixel. If you have both the old and new, the new one should show up in the Topaz LLC folder in the Applications folder (even though you can’t see it if you open the Applications folder in the Finder). You’ll see the path at the bottom of the file find window.

Then, drag it from the Find window onto the desktop and then drag it into the Topaz LLC folder inside the Applications folder just using normal Finder actions. Voila, there it will be.

Very frustrating. For the past several months, Topaz hasn’t gotten ANY of their installers to work correctly. Not a priority for them I guess.

I want offline installer link for windows can any one help?

Just downloaded the latest version.
First, there is no link between PS & Gigapixel so have to run as standalone.
Second, whilst running I get endless error messages “entry point not found” click ok & it continues to run until the next error message


If you look here Gigapixel AI v4.5.0 at the top of the thread there are the download links for both Windows and Mac Offline installers.

HTH :slight_smile:

Gigapixel is standalone only.