Gigapixel 2.1.1 Crashes AMD Graphics

After a serious system error, AMD has restored its Wattmann settings (whatever on earth that means!)

I was enlarging a 760x1078 jpeg by 400% - it works via CPU processing only alright.

The AMD Wattman is a graphical app that shows the speed of your GPU and its memory and allows overclocking. If you overclocked the graphics card and it crashes then it should reset to the factory default. I use a Radeon RX 580 card. Below is a screen shot of Wattman tab in the Radeon settings > Gaming > Global Wattman. On the left is a peak values reached since opening the app. If you are not doing much this may be low and the memory value is multiplied by 4 on the card.


There are many other apps now having AMD related issues, ON1, AP etc.

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