Gigapixel 1.1.2 cannot login

Its the same login as gets me into the forum to post this message :slight_smile:

Should be OK now Jack as I just deleted my Registry entry to try and I could log in.

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Which registry entry in particular?

Hi Jack,

I just delete the top level key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs\Topaz A.I. Gigapixel”

I deleted that key. This message…

… no server access?

Do you have a Firewall blocking GigaPixel? Check with the settings of the firewall you are using.

I would suggest you log out of Studio and try but if there is a Firewall blocking the access you won’t be able to sign in from Studio either.

I logged-out of Studio, and was able to log back in. GPxl is still giving the no server access message.

Strange Jack, here in Australia it is fine … best bet is to raise a Tech Support request but you won’t get anything back until Monday.

Have you tried to log in to the Topaz website and have a look at your account?

I have logged in to my a/c, and have raised a ticket! Thankyou @AiDon.

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According to AshleyT over in fb Studio page, this server lockout is sporadic behavior by Gigapixel.
She says it’ll go away just as randomly as it started, but she will keep an eye on it!

I will keep everyone posted as and when the server ‘unlocks’…

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I know this is fairly old and may not be the same issue, but I’m also unable to log into AI Gigapixel. It says I’m typing in the wrong username or password, but I’m not. I’ve tried with a different account and on a different computer, neither work. Its the Black Friday sales, so I thought maybe the login servers were down but no word on that from Topaz… I’m confused.

Have exactly the same problem. Did you found a fix, did Topaz fix it finally?

Hi Freespirit! Yes. It turns out that GigaPixel’s password system does not support some characters, so just use letters and numbers and you should be good. Stupidly your Topaz account does support those characters meaning you can create a password that works on the site but not on the software.

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