GigaPix - Some odd behaviour with "Scale"

I loaded up a raw image in GPix to scale it up. All the settings, after the image loaded, were set to the last image I upsized. The scale I used for that previous image was 200%. See image below.

I modified the scale, selecting Custom and 190 as the scale percent. See image below.

Being satisfied with the settings, I hit the start button … and the scale reverted back to 200%. See image below.

Now I have no idea what I am going to get … 190% or 200%? I cancelled the upsize because I don’t have time to wait and see what result I got, then calculate things out to confirm.

My question … this is pretty odd behaviour. I first noticed it when my previous upsize was 600% and I wanted my current one to be 180%. Nedless to say, I cancelled the incorrect upsizes, as I do not want to waste my time getting an unwanted result. Shouldn’t the radio buttons remain untouched once I hit the start button?

I checked it myself and it is just an issue with the display, the output is correct as you can see from the screenshot but the scale has been displayed as 200 fixed and 180 custom, @JoeFedric-TL can you let the developers know that on any Custom value seems to output the correct dimensions but selects a Scale button on the next Scale up before processing … might need to leave the Scale on custom to stop confusion:

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Thanks for looking into this. Leaving the radio button on Custom would be the behaviour I would expect from the interface. Otherwise, yes, it is confusing - I’m not sure what I’m getting.


Good catch! I’ll bring this up to the dev responsible.

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Can I also point out (again) that if, after successfully resizing an image to a custom value, you change that custom value for a new image, the original custom value is applied to that new image. If you click on one of the preset values and then back on custom and add the new value then it’s applied correctly.