Giga pixel 7.1.3 crashes on usage

Hello team,

I just updated to the 7.1.3 version of the app after using 6.3 for the longest while.
Unfortunatly I am running into the issue that the app keeps crashing and causing issues with my AMD graphics driver (Running a AMD Radeon RX 580).

Initally I expected that my computer just couldnt handle the load of more then 5 per set, but it is happening with just 1 image of 1K resolution through a 4x upscale.
This is makes using the program absoluty impossible.

I have added the latest logs of the crash.
2024-05-18-20-15-36.tzlog (16.0 KB)

Please advice.


Paul Stutvoet

Could you reach out to support ( with this information?

Also, when you reach out, please provide your log file and system profile. - How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows) - Topaz Labs