GH6 RAW files

Topaz Photo AI still will not recognize Lumix GH6 RAW photos! The camera has been out for about 2 years now. Don’t you think it’s about time to fix this issue??? Every other camera in the world works, but not the GH6! Please FIX this problem! I know you do not do this and have a 3rd party to do it. Since you are paying them, simply contact them and tell them to fix it!! For God’s sake! All other photo editors recognize it why not you guys???

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I’m sure Topaz will release support for the GH6 when it is available to them. The developers of LibRaw work at their own pace and are not beholden to anyone. They produce releases very infrequently. Hopefully the next release of LibRaw will include GH6 support (their own products apparently have support already).

Affinity Photo and other users of LibRaw have the same issue.