Getting to my favorites

So far I think the products “in Studio” have nicer presets than the original products. That’s good. But I must be missing something because I can’t find my favorites FOR EACH PRODUCT. Yes, I can click on favorites in the first big menu, which would include my favorites for every product… But that is going to get large and I know where I want to go. I need a favorite drop-down in the product itself. Am I missing something? I thought I looked pretty hard.

Also, then there are “My Effects”. OK, I guess I can get them in with favorites by “favoriting” them… Then there are Likes. So there are three categories in the main menu… Let’s see was that mine or a favorite or a like? And then what I will get is way too long a list.

How hard would it be to have the Pulldown within the product (e.g., Glow) to say not just Popular and Featured and New, etc but also MY STUFF!

Try this:

  1. Select the product you want to check your favorites in (Glow, Impression, Detail, etc)
  2. Type “Favorite” and press enter

This is a quick way to see your favorites for that item.


Hi Joe,

Doesn’t seem to work on Windows …

That’s because we use American spelling: favorite

Good catch, though!

Noah Webster has a lot to answer for…

Maybe it needs to handle all ???