Getting a .dng file back when sending a RAW file to Denoise

If I open Denoise standalone, I can send .NEF images from Lightroom, and when they’re processed I can specify that I get back a .dng file.

On the other hand, when I send a .NEF from Lightroom and it starts Denoise, I cannot see any way to tell it to give me a .dng file. And I can’t change the export to SEND a .dng file because Denoise will NOT do RAW processing on a .dng.

Unfortunately, my normal workflow does NOT include having Denoise sitting around open while I’m working, so I generally end up with what appears to be a regular NEF file, but isn’t, in with hundreds of other NEF files. It’s difficult to pick out which images are actually still .NEF and which have gone through Denoise.

I won’t bother asking in here why Denoise DOESN’T handle .dng files as RAW, but it’s got to be a major PITA for all the photographers that store their RAW images as .dng files.

DeNoise will not overwrite RAW files unless they are DNGs. This is a limitation because, in standalone mode, it can write DNGs.

OK, so it’s not a problem.