George and Gracie butterflies great basin NP

I was in Great Basin National Park and saw these 2 butterflies chasing each other around on this flower.I know I did post processing in topaz studio, the border is from topaz studio and I used a mask to tone down the background.


Great capture and nice images of the butterflies chasing after each other.

Beautiful park, I really like how remote it is…

Yes, Had really never heard of it before, wanted to find a NP I had not been to. Great campground. Very much out of the way.

I am so bad about remembering exactly what I did in Topaz. I try to save presets but really need a history like photoshop or lightroom in topaz. I write the presets etc I used sometimes in the keywords or comments in lightroom. I guess I get about 2/3 of them documented. A lot of the guys in my digital art sig don’t document at all what they do to get the results they get.