Generative AI fill of trees and bushes when using the remove, seem to have been not as sharp in later versions

You’d think that it would try to match the sharpness or the fill-in area with matching focus. But instead lately it seems to fill in with almost cartoonish looking out-of-focus section. Let’s say you need to fill in a gap above your ‘Tree’… I’ll show an example. I’ve had it work before. Not sure why it chooses to fill in these cartoonish looking things… They don’t look acceptable when zooming in.

I’ll prolly have to shorten the trees, and fill-in more sky, or find some other software, or give up. But I don’t wish to crop anymore, because of other parts of the picture.

Would you mind sharing the workflow you are using with the Remove Object feature to give us a better understanding of how to suggest some appropriate workflow techniques?

If you can, please take a screen recording of this image while working on it so I can see exactly what is happening.

Loom is a great free application for this: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording