Generated DNG files in SMB mounted disk (windows 11) are deleted as soon as Photo AI finishes

When I open a Nikon NEF file from a NAS disk (opened from Windows through SMB directory) and I go to Plugin Extra → Process With Topaz Photo IA, so then and I save changes to Lightroom, I see 2 DNG files are generated. But as soon as the Photo IA application gets automatically closed, both files are deleted. App is gracefully closed as per the logs:

[2024-03-29 18:22:16.277, 30.58 s] [3a18] Info | Image saved to: “Z:/Jorge/Images/2018/2018-03-19/_DSC9243.dng”
[2024-03-29 18:22:16.278, 33.39 s] [45e0] Info | Starting metadata copy
[2024-03-29 18:22:17.470, 1.05 m] [77c] Info | Starting metadata copy from XMP sidecar file: QFileInfo(Z:\Jorge\Images\2018\2018-03-19_DSC9243.xmp)
[2024-03-29 18:24:35.377, 2.87 m] [7528] Info | Opening directory: “c:/ProgramData/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Photo AI/Logs”
[2024-03-29 18:24:45.610, 2.49 m] [45e0] Info | Metadata copied from “Z:/Jorge/Images/2018/2018-03-19/_DSC9243.NEF” to “Z:/Jorge/Images/2018/2018-03-19/_DSC9243.dng” “(size:145155532)”
[2024-03-29 18:24:45.611, 10.23 s] [7528] Info | [EXPORT] All images exported | (qrc:/i

  1. Open a raw image with LrC stored in a NAS server (SMB)
  2. Open Photo IA from File → Plugin Extra → Process with Topaz Photo IA
  3. Once there in Photo IA, click on Save to LrC (if you open a terminal and cd to the NAS directory where the original file is located, you will notice 2 DNG files are being generated by Photo IA.
  4. Once Photo IA is closed, no new files are being displayed in LrC. (if you kept the terminal opened, you will see these 2 DNG files are now gone).

Topaz Photo AI [v2.4.2] on [Windows]

Does the plugin fail on all file types or only some files?

If you import a file to your desktop and use the plugin on that desktop file do you see the same error or does it work?

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