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As a long time user of Topaz plugins I’m not quite sure how to manage the transition to Studio. For starters, I assume that as product development will no longer happen with the plugins, we should in general be aiming to transition to Studio as that will be where all the new stuff appears. Can we then also assume that over time all the existing plugins will, in some shape or form, migrate to Studio?
My specific question relates to Adjust, which has been my go-to for a general photo tweaking workflow. What is the equivalent to Adust within Studio - in other words, what adjustments should I use to reproduce the same effects that I have been getting from Adjust?

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That depends on your workflow. I use Lightroom as host. From LR, I edit in Studio and then run any of the plugins from there, except for Impression, Clarity, and Detail since they’re built into Studio now. You may be able to do something similar. And as more plugins get built into Studio, just start using the related Studio adjustment instead of calling plugins.

I believe that’s correct; that’s what many of us are doing.

I don’t think Topaz has published a roadmap of their plans, but it seems like this is what they’re doing.

Right now, I don’t think you can duplicate Adjust with the free or for-pay Pro adjustments in Studio. But as I mentioned above, you can call Adjust as a plugin from within Studio; I use Adjust this way all the time.

Once Topaz puts Adjust into Studio, you’ll get a free upgrade, and they’ll provide the details on what to use to be equivalent to Adjust plugin.

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