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Great work Topaz. So far, I am enjoying this and have worked with several of your video features from a stop motion animator perspective. General feedback - Looking for some options to preview renders without having to export files and take up space on my harddrive.

-Default naming convention could have the first render be “name_01_chf3”. It is currently “name_chf3”, so the first file throws off the order when you test out multiple settings.

Upscale ideas:
-non-destructive render preview of a single frame prior to export.
-post AI upscale color adjustment. The process exaggerates the original clips temperature.

Frame Interpolation:
-non-destructive selective batch preview render. Just to see certain sections helps navigate the different models rather than rendering 3 models and then choosing.

Not present:

For your fist one:
This button do it? If not, please explain.

I agree with your point about file naming.

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You are correct with the preview for interpolation. However, for upscaling there could be a toggle between single frame and batch preview. It takes quite a while to get a preview when making small adjustments to detail/reduce noise, etc. That way there is a way to fine tune faster and take a little longer for checking fidelity between frames.

The drop-down menu to the left of the preview button can go down to .01 seconds. I tried it on a standard NTSC DVD source and got about 3 frames.
The reasons that one frame previews are not possible currently have to do with how ffmpeg was built. As I understand it: we would have it as a feature already if digital video formats weren’t so different and complex. Basically, you might be able to get it to render one frame on one type of video format, but it will fail on another.

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Thank you ForSerious. I understand and appreciate your explanation. After your first comment, I realized there was a lot more versatility than I originally thought and it did significantly decrease preview time.

I spent the whole day yesterday testing with 3-hour-long movies, and it seems that at some point, Topaz becomes overwhelmed and cannot continue processing. For professionals in the film industry, distribution, and streaming platforms, this is a problem. Perhaps a solution would be good. I’ve also read about the option of being able to pause the process to continue later and maybe save the processed data so that you can exit without losing all the work done for hours. Best regards.

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This section of the forum is for specific feature requests, not general comments. The purpose of this is to see how many users wish to see the same ideas come to fruition in the app. For this reason, I am going to move this to general, since it is a great conversation.

If you want to add any of the mentioned ideas in this section, please do so individually instead of listing multiple in one entry.

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