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A few observations - the updates have improved the denoise and sharpen effects however the results are still too strong for many of my images, leaving unnatural looking artefacts. Sometimes all I need is a little sharpening and denoise, much like the unsharpen mask in photoshop. The denoise beta model seems better, gentle on the effects. I noticed on macro shots in particular - the app wants to change circles into octagon-looking objects, like pollen for instance. Denoise also will make the surface of flowers look out of focus. The “use the results” rate has improved but still having to not use many of the results. Thanks for listening.

Hi @marc.epstein-8086, thanks for your feedback! Do you have some example screenshots of where your images are not turning out to be better that you’d be able to share with us?

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May 30 |

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Hi @marc.epstein-8086, thanks for your feedback! Do you have some example screenshots of where your images are not turning out to be better that you’d be able to share with us?

Ok, let me get a good image to show what I mean and will send.

Also, I recently tried to use the resolution upscale function without any denoise or sharpening but I couldn’t find a way to turn off the denoise or auto functions? Is there a way I can just use the upscale without denoise and sharpen?

Thanks for following up

You should be able to disable each module individually by clicking the toggles here – let me know if you are trying to click these and they still won’t turn off;


I did click them, they turn off but the program still sharpens and denoises or still is active.

I was trying to upscale an image that I had denoised and later cropped a little. The additional denoise made unwanted changes. Tried to turn it off but couldn’t find a way.


Maybe it’s the automated module that’s still active?

Can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the app when you disable sharpening/denoising?

When the modules are disabled (but recommended by autopilot) they will show as a hollow green circle – this means that module is disabled but is just letting you know that the autopilot is recommending that the setting be turned on;


Is this what you’re seeing as well?

Ok, will send when back at desktop, I did notice that when the sharp and Denoise modules are off, the small blue indicator in bottom left corner is still activating.

Will send screenshot in a bit.

Here is what I see. Preview still active


It looks like the denoise and sharpen modules are off, what you are likely seeing is the Enhance Resolution module – it may be appearing like it’s sharpening/denoising your images, and this is not something that can be disabled as part of the upscaling process, unfortunately, but it won’t be running the actual denoising or sharpening algorithms on your image.

You are right, it is the enhance resolution module. It is making unwanted changes to the image - looks like blocking around eyes and hair. It is unfortunate. Can the image be upscaled from the photoshop plug-in? Or is there another way to work around the affects?

Images cannot be upscaled with the Topaz Photo AI plugin in Photoshop, unfortunately, but the Lightroom plugins should let you upscale photos.

I don’t have Lightroom. Hope topaz can fix it?

If a plugin was available, I could create an adjustment layer and brush out the unwanted parts.

I believe a Photoshop plugin for upscaling is something we intend to add in the future :slight_smile: