Geisha painting 2

(Artisan-West) #1

I used my Stained Glass preset in Studio.

(Jack) #2

Love this look, the rich colors. I am using a rich color technique based on Basic Correction and the high mode of AI Remix’s A Neon Rise. Mebbe I’ll try the stained glass too?! :slight_smile:

(Jack) #3

Can you TSP this preset for us at all? It is delightful!

(Michael_Andre) #4

Very cool and colourful

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(Don) #5

Wonderful result, with vibrant and rich colors…

(Mond) #6

Amazingly colourful

(Artisan-West) #7

Thanks Jack, Michael, Don and Mond for the comments. Jack I may post a different picture where I used the stained glass effect and then upload the TSP file to Dropbox.

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