Garbled output images with Gigapixel 7.2.1 on macOS 14.5 / MBP Intel

When I try to 2x upscale 3 images with Gigapixel 7.2.1 and with Photo AI 3.0.4, using the High Fidelity v1 model in both apps, then Photo AI 3.0.4 gives perfect results but the results from Gigapixel AI 7.2.1 are garbled (top half of the image is visible, then there are garbled horizontal lines and the rest is black.

I use macOS 14.5 / MacBook Pro 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB

The inputs & outputs are included (top- is Photo AI, tog- is Gigapixel). (52.4 MB)

Here’s an output from Photo AI:

Here’s the corresponding output from Gigapixel:

Or here, Photo AI:

And Gigapixel:

Weirly enough, the artefacts in the Gigapixel saving look like they’re partially coming from the FIRST image in the batch of 3:

So it’s like Gigapixel is processing a batch of 3 images, processes the 1st image fine, and then somehow garbles the 2nd and the 3rd images with artefacts of the 1st image. Like the code is not freeing some memory properly or so. Photo AI works fine in all.