Capture One Pro, TS - called ReStyle from TS, then used ReStyle result as image layer above original. Blend mode. Used AI Clear at the end this time.


The picture is colder than the mountains … I like it very much.

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A compelling image . . . with the typical processing halo effects around the mountains. Separate the sky from the landscape on different layers (or masking) and then process each separately to avoid the halo effect.

Very striking image. Usually halos bother me, like @LarsJames mentioned , but in this case they were so pronounced that they seemed to enhance the division of the mountain and sky

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I am not sure what ‘typical processing’ means. Before I exported the RAW file into tif and jpeg I used 3 layers in C1, sky, rocky parts and the rest. No halos whatsoever.
The halo was introduced using ReStyle. As the sunlight came from the right I do not see this as a problem in this image. I like it the way it is.

Generally, I find that many effects with Topaz filters introduce haloing
around areas which have contrasting tones with other areas: Like a light
sky and darker mountains. I love a lot of the effects and I found that by
putting the sky on one layer and the mountains on another and processing
them separately, I don’t get the haloing effects. You can do it with masks,
also, but the simplest way is to “select, separate and then process.”

Thanks for the explanation, James