Future updates

[ 1. mproved quality enhancement model that gives more natural results with faces. I haven’t used photo AI for portraits maybe because I don’t have any noise in my shots
2. Smoother in-app preview experience with better scrubbing / seeking and preview syncing. Sharpening and Noise reduction scrubbing as is well its not usable one must wait for full render so its a guess at best.
3. Further improve processing speed and better support running multiple processes. renderings of RAW images once loaded doesn’t take the corrections from host (LR) image is very dark and impossible to correct the Sharpening or Noise at a real brightness level.
would like to be able to selectively correct further selections on images either after the global corrections or before.

Hi there, these are great feature requests! It would be super helpful if you could make a new idea for each or if one already exists on the forum, vote for it :slight_smile: This way we can keep track of what our users are voting for.