Future of Studio 2 - updating, pricing, remaining questions

II am wondering what the plan is for Studio 2 in the future…
. Are they going to add new features? If so, what happens about pricing of these?
. Are they still to incorporate old plugins like Restyle? What happens with old plugins like that… will they be upgraded? Phased out?
. Are they still working on a way of us using our own images in AIRemix (as they formerly said they were) or has that idea now been dropped?
. Are there any Studio Classic features NOT coming to Studio 2?


There’s a whole discussion about it elsewhere in the forum:

I had read that and cant see answers to these specific questions there


Unknown as they haven’t announced any planned new features.

Plugin support is in the roadmap. For your question on upgrading legacy plugins you will need to raise a support request on the Topaz Labs website.

This is the downloads page for ‘legacy plugins’ …

Unknown, I believe it was a product feature request but there was no commitment to incorporate something like this into AI ReMix as AI ReMix doesn’t just adjust the colors like ReStyle does.

Not sure what you mean, any specifics that are not on the roadmap you will need to raise a support request.