Future Features/UI Change for Development Team

This is a suggestion for the Topaz development team. First off we should have the ability to toggle preview on and off, not just be able to switch to different preview views, I mean if you don’t want a preview to show then you should be able to turn preview off. I suggest this because all the preview is doing is eating up processing power from the gpu that could be used by the program to process the video. And to be honest I really don’t need to see a preview of the entire rendered video as it’s processing. A topaz rep had told me that this was a feature, being able to turn off preview but it appears it actually isn’t possible, or atleast I haven’t found a way.
2nd suggestion: Get rid of the thumbnailed view for the videos added to Video Enhance, or allow people to switch from thumbnail to detail list view. i suggest this because currently as it is, with thumbnails you aren’t able to see how many of your videos have processed or how many still have to be processed. It does not allow you to move the slider in the list while the videos are being processed.

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