From the Sony A7MkII Dynamic Range

From this …

To this …


Giving this …


I like the sharpness and shadow boost of the final one. I would like a bit more saturation of the flowers and sky though. What did you use for the processing?

Capture One was used for processing, simply is the premier RAW converter.

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Is this more to your liking?


There will be a free update this month for CO 20 with improved healing and clone brushes, in case you haven’t heard this. Introduction video here: Capture One 20 | Quick Live : Be the first to know! - YouTube

I heard that Sony cameras have great HDR capabilities. Very nice.

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Thanks Peter I watched it last night, the new healing brush is awesome and the before/after we have been asking for for a while

Yea, that’s kicking it up a notch! :smiley:

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