From a trip to the beach


Mooloolaba beach

beach path

Seaside flower


All are good. I especially like the third one.

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The are all lovely.

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All are neat, but I agree with @Kathy_9, I especially like the third one…

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Wonderful captures and edits …

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Images 1_3 and 4 appeal to me most. I really like how the waves came out… I’ve been trying to get that look to some water image I have. I see you used city flare, is glow in the dark a Studio preset as well? I would like to see the original waves image for comparison if you don’t mind.

yes it is

the waves are part of this picture


Thank you @ShazzyCo for the preset info and original image to see the results from using the presets you used… I appreciate it very much.

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Seaside flower is especially lovely

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Really nice! I especially love the second image.

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Thanks all for the lovely comments