Froggy Stare



Jeepers Creepers where’d ya get those peepers? :slight_smile:


Amazing image complemented by perfect light and focus on the skin texture and eyes.


great light and details, and thanks to Wayne for the song


My thought as well, you did a great job with your edits.

Lately when I use the Hide Details option to hide the original it still displays the original image below the processed one together?
I used this in the past successfully with my method but lately it is showing both in the post?
How do you using this feature to get it to display just the processed image and hiding the original?

@cre8art I make sure there is an entire line gap after the first part text for creating the hidden feature and where I drop my “to be hidden” image and an entire line space after the “to be hidden” image before the other part of the text for creating a hidden image … I don’t think there text for creating the hidden image can sit against anything and function.

Thanks @ShazzyCo… I’ll give it a try.

In the past… I just used the text line provided in Hide Details and highlighted the word_ Summary and changed it to Original
then highlighted the_ Image to be hidden and used the upload button and selected the original image to upload and it use to worked fine?
I haven’t used the drop method for the_ Image to be hidden text.

So it’s one space gap after Summary
and 2 space gaps after Image to be hidden… correct?

I think there just needs to be some sort of gap before and after the image … might not even need to be a whole line

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Thanks Sharon, I appreciate the tip and will try this on my next post.

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Simply wow-mazing! what a cute critter and those eyes! excellent light!