Friends in the Alps

Taken in the Italian Alps. It is always fun to run across cows while hiking. They look so happy in the mountains. I do not see any cowbells on these cows, but I wish I had recorded the sounds of the cows we heard in Switzerland - very beautiful multipart cowbell melodies.

Processed with Topaz Studio 2


I guess you should be reasonably careful while hiking, though…


On a hot day in LA, I wished I was there …nice setting and capture.

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @BobKramer!

Great processing of this pastoral picture !

Nice one Ken! Cows live in herds and one is the leader which will protect the others. Normally they will not attack you but you should still be careful and think first :wink: before you do something. To be on the safe side hike a detour - just to meet the giant bear :smile:

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @m.pierrealarie and @Laundromat!

I appreciate the advice - but I think the best idea is to always hike with at least one person who runs slower than you do… :smile:

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