Friday storms rolling in ... B&W ... 🌧 over Bangkok

I think Peter asked for a B&W rendition of the image I posted last week, this is done by reducing Red, Yellow & Green sensitivity and increase Blue sensitivity… best viewed full size for the contrasts.

My tip for B&W is to get the image right in color first by balancing the Highlights, Midtones and Shadows then do a Color conversion as to get the balance right the luminosity is better viewed in color.


And for those that enjoy the film days, here is a version with Grain … again best viewed large.


Those are some impressive clouds

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Love it, Don! I even like this better than the color image you posted. Beautiful clear shot with incredible details. Top notch!

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Agreed best viewed
Nice to see BW its it own art form to make these

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Great BW version and thanks for the very nice tip!

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