Fresh Windows Install. Running into this

I’ve been using Topaz on my system for a good few years now… Just reinstalled my system and upgraded all drivers. Finally installed the latest version of Topaz Video AI and I’m constantly running into this issue (had to up-load zip) (29.4 KB)

Errm - which issue??

Apologies… re-attached with the log ZIP (here again: (29.4 KB)

Still, it would be helpful if you shortly described what the issue is as we can’t clairvoyance :grin:

Well, basically it just doesn’t work! As soon as I try to export, it throws an error. The error is in the log files. I’ve done a DDU and reinstalled my GPU drivers via NVCLEAN and I’m still facing this issue.

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You have weird symbols and spaces in the source file

E:/#tmp/TopazLabs/Malgudi Days/Season 04/Malgudi Days - 4x01 - Vendor of Sweets (मिठाईवाला) - I.mkv

Your audio (enca / 0x61636E65) is also encrypted and cannot be read.

Not a problem with Topaz it’s your source file.

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